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Wymering Manor is one of the most haunted houses in Britain. With records of up to 18 ghosts, ranging from Nuns, a lady in a violet dress, child's whispers, phantom horses, all which have been reported over hundreds of years.




With many visitors conducting ghostly tours, or even a visitor during the day have all witnessed unexplained sightings, feelings, and some have sworn to never step foot back in the manor. With so many of these reports it isn't surprising that Wymering Manor is one of the most haunted locations in the United Kingdom.




Looking further into the history it was also known that in the top room of Wymering Manor a little girl was locked in the room for weeks after catching the black death in which she then died in the room. Her crying is said to be heard coming from that room on a frequent occasion.




One of the most reported rooms to become a hot spot inside Wymering Manor is the "Panelled Room" which has made visitors feel threatened, scared, uneasy, and some have run out the manor completely petrified. Wymering Manor also had an attic which has seen much activity with orbs and good EVP's.


It goes without saying, Wymering Manor is a great location to investigate.

Over recent years Wymering Manor has attracted many visitors who are looking to find the paranormal. Different tour companies have had access into the manor to conduct investigations, provide tours and walks for interested customers.


unfortunately Wymering Manor became unstable due to lack of funds to keep the manor maintained, all public access was restricted.


Wymering Manor trust is now pushing the success of the manor forward, it looks like future tours may soon become possible in the manor. So please check back soon for more updated information when it becomes available.

The Evidence

Here you can see a fiery figure of a woman wearing a long dress. This footage was caught by "Twilight Tours"

This photo was taken down in the cellars on another tour in the manor. Here you can see Orbs.

Is this a monk?


This was caught while "Paranormal Tours" took their investigation at Wymering Manor in 2008. This footage was captured by a locked off camera at around 10pm when a monk a has made it's presents. Just before 10pm you can hear movement and then a clear *SIGHT*

Ghost Orbs


This footage which was caught by supernaturaltours in there last investigation in august 2010 was quite amazing, after calling out an orb makes it's self known. Then shortly after it then appear to show itself again after the second call out.

Strange noise.... Best footage yet!


This is amazing footage which was caught by "Ghostly Encounters" in March 2010. You will need to turn your volume up or listen via headphones. In this footage you can hear what sounds like someone clearing their throat.


This is a great bit of footage mainly because all people are visible in the footage and the noise comes from behind the camera. this video will definitely spook you out.


It's footage like this which makes you realise that sometimes unexplained noises sound way too real to be a car, radiators cooling down.

Have you got footage you would like to share?


Have you visited Wymering manor in the past? and have footage or photos of your experience? we would love to add more content to this site. Why not send us your footage here.

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